Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here We Go....Bathroom Redo!!!

Well we are finally doing it...redoing our master bath. It has been quite the adventure so far! We are enjoying doing this project together :). John is super handy with all this stuff!

Here is the original before picture of our master bath:

Before we got married, John had it painted and soon after, I re-painted the cabinets. We also changed the light fixtures.

In March, we removed the tub, and John put up bead board.

Last week, we decided to remove the shower as well, and make a tiled walk-in shower.

We ran in to a little bit of a plumbing problem when John removed the shower. A pipe was exposed which kept him from being able to put up the backerboard. But today we had that fixed and now the backerboard is up and the shower is ready to be tiled!!

We bought our tile from a store here called Surplus Warehouse. It is a rustic pattern...travertine. Tomorrow the tiling will begin! Our next decision is picking out the tub---we plan on getting a claw foot tub--- and making sure we get the plumbing all ready for installation.

I'll continue to update as we go!

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