Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Music Playlist

My favorite songs this Easter....

Come Save- Sarah Reeves
Lead Me To The Cross- Hillsong United
Jesus Died My Soul to Save- Pocket Full of Rocks
Jesus Paid It All- Kristian Stanfill
Crimson- Nichole Nordeman
God Is Alive- Fee
Rise and Sing- Fee
Clinging to the Cross- Tim Hughes Featuring Brooke Fraser
See His Love- Kim Walker
Rememberance (Communion Song)- Matt Redman
Jesus Saves- Carlos Whittaker
Not Guilty- Mandisa
Alive Again- Matt Maher
Hands of the Healer- John Waller
Jesus Saves- Travis Cottrell
Oh How He Loves- David Crowder
Grace Greater Than Our Sin- Carl Cartee
Hosanna- Hillsong United
There Is No One- David Walker

May we be humbled and in awe of Jesus this Easter season.


I LOVE SPRING!! I love the colors, the warmth, the freshness in the air...I feel like this winter has been extra long- and I have been longing for some beautiful warm weather!

Some other things I love about spring:

Celebrating Easter- the death and RESURRECTION of our Lord Jesus Christ! Praise God for sending his Son to die for a wicked sinner like me.

RITAS!!! (yes, please!)this is probably John and my most fav spring/summer treat!!

Spring flowers- ECSPECIALLYYYYYY Bradford Pear Trees. Love them.

Can't wait to get to wear white pants again!!

Baseball Season! (This one is mainly for John ;)

Hey- I've missed these guys!!

Strawberries start to go on sale- yes!! I have missed them all winter -long.

And most of the time the weather is just PERFECT for these styles: long-sleeved shirts/cardis with shorts and skirts- love it.

Oh, and 1 final reason, I'm so glad spring is here- it means June is just around the corner!!! 73 days and couting till 06-05-2010!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Master Bathroom Idea

John had an AWESOME idea for the master bathroom- putting up "beadboard" on the walls. Well I started searching for some pics of how this would look- and I am pretty excited! I think it will look so good- I am still in that stage of trying to truly figure out what my decorating style is...but I know I tend towards neutrals...and a farmhouse kindof look, which "beadboard" here are some pics of bathrooms that I love...FYI we are planning on replacing our tub with a claw tub, hence, pics with a claw tub.

Here are pics of the bathroom now:

And some bathroom ideas:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

House Update-John is the BEST!!

John has been so hard at work on the house!! He is such a handyman and hard worker and I am so blessed to get to marry him!! This weekend he floored the attic! It will be so nice to have all that storage room up there....John said he was only going to floor one side, but once he saw all the stuff I have, he decided to do both sides ;) HA!

And I have picture updates of the bathrooms! The wallpaper is down and they are about ready to paint!! Thanks to everyone who has been over there helping John!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our New Home!!!

Well it is OFFICIAL!!! John bought us a BEAUTIFUL house in Alabama!! We are so so excited! The house is in great condition and ready to live in, but of course, we have our dream list of things we would like to change about will be a fun process to work on the house together and turn it in to our home.

John drove up to Chalotte this weekend, and we moved a big load of my stuff down to Alabama- and then we got to work on the house!! One thing we really wanted to do was change the grout color in the kitchen. The previous owner had put down beautiful new tile, but we were not crazy about the peachy/pinky grout color. So I got a grout stain/seeler at a local tile company, and John and I tediously had to paint all of the grout by hand :). It took a few days, and we now have sore hands and knees- but we LOVE the result....I am not sure if pics will do it justice but I will post some anyways...

Here is a picture of the kitchen headed towards the back of the house:

And the other directon, headed to the laundry room and garage:

Here are pictures of the before grout-

And the after- no pink, and it made a HUGE difference!

And here is John working so hard on that grout!!

Our next few projects include tearing down the wallpaper and painting in both bathrooms-

Stay tuned :)

Columbia Shower

Some of my sweet sweet friends threw me a bridal shower in Columbia a few weeks back. It was so much fun and such a blessing!!

I got so many awesome gifts!!

My friend Mandy had gotten a list of questions from John to ask me, and for every one I got wrong, I had to put a marshmellow in my mouth! I think I only missed three- one of them being how many alabama games John has been to- I guessed 105....the correct answer- 99! I was so close!!

It was such a wonderful time! I am so blessed to havd gotten to know these ladies the past two years I have lived in Columbia!