Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our New Home!!!

Well it is OFFICIAL!!! John bought us a BEAUTIFUL house in Alabama!! We are so so excited! The house is in great condition and ready to live in, but of course, we have our dream list of things we would like to change about will be a fun process to work on the house together and turn it in to our home.

John drove up to Chalotte this weekend, and we moved a big load of my stuff down to Alabama- and then we got to work on the house!! One thing we really wanted to do was change the grout color in the kitchen. The previous owner had put down beautiful new tile, but we were not crazy about the peachy/pinky grout color. So I got a grout stain/seeler at a local tile company, and John and I tediously had to paint all of the grout by hand :). It took a few days, and we now have sore hands and knees- but we LOVE the result....I am not sure if pics will do it justice but I will post some anyways...

Here is a picture of the kitchen headed towards the back of the house:

And the other directon, headed to the laundry room and garage:

Here are pictures of the before grout-

And the after- no pink, and it made a HUGE difference!

And here is John working so hard on that grout!!

Our next few projects include tearing down the wallpaper and painting in both bathrooms-

Stay tuned :)


Natalie Ruta said...

love it MEL!!! so happy for you guys!! congrats~!

Shannon Herman said...

Melanie this is so exciting! Congrats! Nick and I bought a house that was in great condition but needed a little tweaking as well- we visit Lowe's at least twice a week, but it's so much fun! Y'all will have a blast.

Hannah said...

It looks great!!! Ya'll did a fabulous job!