Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I LOVE SPRING!! I love the colors, the warmth, the freshness in the air...I feel like this winter has been extra long- and I have been longing for some beautiful warm weather!

Some other things I love about spring:

Celebrating Easter- the death and RESURRECTION of our Lord Jesus Christ! Praise God for sending his Son to die for a wicked sinner like me.

RITAS!!! (yes, please!)this is probably John and my most fav spring/summer treat!!

Spring flowers- ECSPECIALLYYYYYY Bradford Pear Trees. Love them.

Can't wait to get to wear white pants again!!

Baseball Season! (This one is mainly for John ;)

Hey- I've missed these guys!!

Strawberries start to go on sale- yes!! I have missed them all winter -long.

And most of the time the weather is just PERFECT for these styles: long-sleeved shirts/cardis with shorts and skirts- love it.

Oh, and 1 final reason, I'm so glad spring is here- it means June is just around the corner!!! 73 days and couting till 06-05-2010!!!

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