Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Nursery

The nursery is coming along great, thanks to my dear friend Allison!! She is helping me decorate the nursery and a few other rooms in the house....getting everything ready for our girl!  The nursery is neutral colors, and since we know it is a girl, I'm going to accent in a very pale pink.

Gigi, Pops and Seth painted the nursery a tan color that I love. 

This is the before...this room used to be our office.



Allison then picked out some furniture I had in other parts of the house to be used in the nursery.  I painted the furniture one shade lighter than the walls, and I distressed it with an antique glaze.

This is going to be the changing table. I have since changed this hardware to jute ties.

We are using my crib from when I was a baby! 

Working now on finding bedding, building shelves, finding a glider and putting up curtains!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's a GIRL!!!

John and I found out on Memorial Day that we are expecting a baby! It is such a blessing and we are thrilled!! That weekend, we were in Charlotte for Lori's graduation and we were able to tell my family! Then, the night we got back to Huntsville, we told the Gossetts! So fun!! On Ward family vacation, we were able to tell the rest of the Ward crew.

Our first doctor's appointment was at 8 weeks.

On our way!

Sweet baby!!

The day we told everyone at church. Seth got mistaken for John quite a bit and got a lot of congratulations!

At 16 weeks we got to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl! My mom and Lindsey got to be with us at the appointment! This is right before we found out!!

It's a girl!!!!

After the appointment, we took this box full of pink balloons over to the Gossetts to tell them!

The boys opened it and the pink balloons came out!! Yea!


So...summer break didn't go for me exactly as planned :). Mainly....because John and I found out we are expecting!! A GIRL!! I managed to get a little bit done this summer, but mostly hung around the house because I didn't feel great.  Now, I'm doing better and we are so excited about our little blessing coming!!

Ward Family Vacation

Happy Birthday John! Gigi, Pops, David and several of the big guys came over and helped us do yard work! It was a perfect birthday present!!

Visiting Jacob at Alabama. Roll Tide!

Brooklyn Mission Trip