Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Nursery

The nursery is coming along great, thanks to my dear friend Allison!! She is helping me decorate the nursery and a few other rooms in the house....getting everything ready for our girl!  The nursery is neutral colors, and since we know it is a girl, I'm going to accent in a very pale pink.

Gigi, Pops and Seth painted the nursery a tan color that I love. 

This is the before...this room used to be our office.



Allison then picked out some furniture I had in other parts of the house to be used in the nursery.  I painted the furniture one shade lighter than the walls, and I distressed it with an antique glaze.

This is going to be the changing table. I have since changed this hardware to jute ties.

We are using my crib from when I was a baby! 

Working now on finding bedding, building shelves, finding a glider and putting up curtains!

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