Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Bathroom Countertop

So I endeavored upon a little project, something I had seen on a few other blogs, painting the bathroom counter top. Lowes carries a product called Counter top Coating.

There are several different colors you can get it stained to. I got it stained to what I thought was a dark chocolate brown. When I started painting, I realized it was going to be lighter, almost the color of the walls, which was a little disappointing. It was very difficult to paint it on smoothly. I used foam brushes, but it showed every streak, so I ended up painting in circles, trying to make it look "textured:". HA! In the end, I like it a lot more than the blue :) but I am also glad I didn't attempt to do anything more than my small bathroom countertop.


During my painting...I got a little careless and accidently did this on one of the cabinets.....

So I did some unplanned cabinet distressing...but I like how it turned out!

All in all, I probably wouldn't use the countertop coating again unless it was just a temporary fix to something I really didn't like. It gets the job done, but it did turn out a little differently than I thought! But hey, not all projects are going to go perfect! But that's the fun of it!!

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