Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Crazy Week

We had a great Easter weekend with my family!! Then we had a crazy, unexpected week in the hospital! But God is good and we are home now!! Here is a recap of our week:

My fam arrived on Friday night. On Saturday, we went to John's baseball game and to Grandmother's House to eat! Yum!

Here we are on Easter sunday...I was in the passion play, hence why I am not dressed up :).

We also had donuts from my new fav place!!

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter lunch at the Gossetts and played some fun games! Then we headed to the Parker's house for some capture the flag.

During one of the games, our good friend John Parker broke his arm :(. We ended up going to the Emergency Room with them. We really hope he feels better soon!!

My family left the next day, but Lori got to stay until Thursday! On Monday night, I sang the National Anthem at a banquet.

This is when John started to not feel so well. He went to bed with a fever, woke up the next day feeling ok, and went to work.

That day (Tuesday) he ended up passing out at work...and we ended up in the hospital until Friday. They ran all sorts of tests and concluded in the end it was some sort of viral infection. We are so so thankful that it was nothing more serious and we are home now! He continues to get better each day! Lori was the best sister and did anything she could to help, including watching these awesome dudes...

Here are some pics from the hospital...

Our friend Zach was working in the ER!

John had a pretty good bump on his head!

Lori went to Youth Group and the girls took care of her!!

Some flowers sent by John's work.

The day we got to go home!

John with his release papers!! Yea!!

God is good and we are so blessed!!

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