Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Piano

Wow! Alot of things have been going on around here lately!! Crazy!! So I am just now getting around to posting stuff! A few months ago, we were given a PIANO!!! What an answer to prayer!!! I love having one in our home and I am able to prepare for stuff I am doing at church so much easier now! So thankful!!
The piano fits against this wall perfectly!! I really enjoyed decorating the top of the piano....and one night, Emily came over and helped me decorate (which I will be posting about soon :) and we put the finishing touches on this!

The old music books were by great grandmother's. The scrolled up hymns were free copies I printed from the internet....I burned the edges, then stained them with tea, then blow-dried them to give them that "old" look.

The Psalm 7:17 sign is also something I made. That was a frame I got that did not have the glass. I covered the cardboard with burlap. I printed the verse from my computer, and again I burned the edges and stained it with tea. Then I glued it on to the burlap! Mom- do you remember when you got me that tea light holder??

So thankful to have a piano!!

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