Wednesday, August 4, 2010

House Update

So much has been going on here lately! I have been working super hard around the house trying to get things done! Finally finished this chair I picked up for $10 thrifting with Seth....I re-upholstered with burlap, and re-painted, and it now matches our desk perfectly!

I also added some burlap behind the desk, so now all of those lovely computer cords are hidden!

We have gotten new blinds for our house- we found them for a steal on sale at JCPENNY! Who knew they had faux wood blinds? And for $17.99 each!! yea!! They make such a difference!

This trunk John found at a yardsale for $25 bucks! It used to have a floral chalk design (I forgot to take a before pic) but I went at it with soap and water and it came off! yea!!

This lamp was also a find I found thrifting with Seth- again, no before pic, but I painted it white and found this wicker shade at Old Time Pottery!

We were so so excited to get our Dining Room Table! I found this last year while I was at USC in Columbia at a place called South Eastern Salvage. They have the same store in Chatanooga, so last week Seth and I drove up there and got it!! We still need to go back and get 4 more chairs- we got all the ones they had. Love it!!

This pic is for Nat- Adam and Nat got us this light fixture for our wedding and it is perfect in our master bath! yea!!

Thats all for now folks! Working on a few more things here that I will be posting soon!


Shannon Herman said...

I've been looking ALL OVER for those blinds, but they're super expensive! I'm going to look TODAY! Thanks! Everything looks great :)

JohnandMelanie said...

ok one other place I have heard of to look for blinds is i think that is where we are going to get some windows that we need to custom make...thanks!!

Natalie said...

The light looks great! So happy it worked for you guys! Everything is coming together so nicely!