Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alabama Shower Weekend!!!

My whole family was able to go down to Alabama this weekend to see our house...WORK :)...and attend a shower for John and I at West Huntsville! We had a great time!! On Friday, I finally got to see our new floors! Everything looks so beautiful!!
The Hardwoods

The Carpet

The Bathroom

Our beautiful house!

On Saturday, my whole family was Sooo AWESOME and worked so hard at our house!!
Cleaning Windows

Setting up the kitchen!


My mom got us this adorable mailbox cover!

And my dad and John were busy painting our doors and installed a peep hole!

We got so much done!!

On Sunday, we were SO blessed by the people from John's church.

The ladies that threw the shower

John's tshirt quilt!!

I can't BELIEVE the next time I go to Alabama, I will be Mrs. Gossett!!!


Emily Gossett said...

Only a couple of days! yah!! so excited!

Hannah said...

What a great blog, Melanie! I am so excited for ya'll! The house looks amazing!!!!!! You have such a wonderful family!