Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Red Farm Table

So...back during the summer I found a steal at a local thrift store......

This 6-Foot Farm Table...for....$9.95

The top-coat of the table was peeling off, but I knew it had potential. You can see in the picture above the before and after of when I started sanding.

And here is a closer look....

And this is what it looked like when I had it sanded down.

Now, I had an idea to paint it red---which is big for me, because I am not usually a color-kind-of-girl. But, I went with it....

It was not exactly what I had planned in my mind, so I added a dark stain and it went on beautifully!! The stain seemed to fall right in the grooves of the wood! I was so happy with the look of it!

I stained the whole thing, then I ended up sanding down and distressing the edges and corners. I finished it off with some polyurethane!

My plan was to use this table in the office as a craft table. There was a minute when I thought that plan would not was nearly impossible to fit that huge table down our hallway into the office. It took a LOT of shoving and hammering it through the door, but we did get it in there. Needless to say, I don't think it is EVER coming out of that room!

Here it is in the office. I thought the red would be a nice touch to the distressed black we have going on in that room.

I knew I wanted to be able to use underneath the table to store my craft stuff, so I decided to make a curtain-like thing with burlap! I love how it turned out!!

Until next time.....

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Aubrey said...

Love. Super job, Melanie!