Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Joyce's Visit!!

My Grandma Joyce got to come visit me in Alabama!! We had SO much fun!! I was so so excited to have her here!! Here are a whole bunch of pictures from everything we did during her visit...we did alot!!

First stop- Rosies!!

Joyce got to be at school on Grandparents Day! It was so exciting! Here are some of my fourth graders!

2nd Grade...


At the WCA football game Friday was cold!

At Denny Chimes- In Tuscaloosa for the Bama-Arkansas Game!

Walking around the quad

Right before we left the apartment for the game

Eating lunch...Seth came to town for the game and brought his friend from Concord, NC- Caleb

In front of the stadium

Joyce loved it!

At the game

Joyce and Marty's house when they lived in Alabama. She said she remembers playing with my mom on that long porch on the side :) So cool!

There is a sign in the front that has her landlord's name on it!

Joyce's church when she lived here!

Friends from church :)

Sunday lunch at the Gossett's

What a fun time we had!!! I am so blessed she got to come!!

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Kristi said...

Great pics, Melanie! Looks like you're enjoying married life. :) I was just noticing that you have my blog listed on your page, and I wanted to say thank you!! I'm a newbie, so I appreciate anyone who reads any of my posts. :)