Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Joy of Christmas Is Giving

The joy of Christmas is giving- to others in need, and especially to those you love. God gave us the perfect example of the perfect gift. He is the ultimate gift-giver. He gave His only son to the WORLD...for everyone..to show His love for all mankind. Last night we celebrated Gossett Christmas. We had such a wonderful time. John and I are both blessed to have amazing families, and last night we received so many wonderful gifts. I have to say though, the highlight of John and my night was seeing our nephews, John David, Hudson and Graham, open up the gift we gave them--Toy Story 3 DVD and Figurines :). The look on their faces- especially Hudson's- was priceless!!

They loved it!! We felt such joy being able to give someone we loved so much something that they loved!! It was just another reminder of God's love to us, when He gave us something so precious, so priceless, because He loved us!! We have received the greatest gift of all, and Christmas is the time to celebrate and remember that perfect gift, but my greatest desire is that each and every day, I would wake up with excitement and anticipation of this gift God has given us, and enjoy His love and fellowship in my life.

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