Sunday, September 5, 2010


Football season is here!!!! We are so enjoying going to Seth's High School games (he is a senior!!)...we are so proud of our cousin KYLE up at Liberty University playing as wide receiver...Saturday was their first game and Kyle scored two touchdowns!! We were able to watch the game on the TV in Tuscaloosa and it was soooo cool! The whole family screamed and cheered so loud!....and of course we are loving Alabama football! This weekend was Alabama's first game, and two of my friends from Columbia, SC were able to come down and go to the game with us! We had so much fun!!

Hudson getting some rest before the game :)

Mandy, Jackie and I

We are so thankful and grateful to Mama and Papa Ward for giving us the opportunity to attend the games! It is such a blessing!

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Mandy Hall said...

Yay!! I on my the blog :) haha! I really did have so much fun with y'all and appreciate all of it!!